World Socialists Web: Obama’s $400,000 speeches: Unabashed. Shameless. Provocative.

After reading this article and you will really understand how the ignorant are the Democrat lemming voters who supported Bernie Sanders but voted for Hillary Clinton. But then again, all those Democrat sheep did vote for the King Liar in Chief hypocrite, pictured above, who transferred more wealth to the 1 percent than any other person is world history.

“The Obamas “could earn as much as $242.5 million from speeches, book deals and pensions.” But that modest calculation was based on an estimated $40 million in book fees for the couple and a $200,000 fee per appearance. The book deal turned out to be worth far more, $65 million, and now we see what Wall Street firms and large corporations are prepared to pay the ex-president for his dollops of wisdom.”

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