DFL Screwal Board Of Misfits: First Among Equals

No surprise in reporting the Board’s newly apportioned officer positions: we’re still in the iron grip of the DFL-endorsed. This is as good a time as any to clarify a point I’ve been called out on from time to time, by readers of my column. It is true that one of the three dissenting voices on the Board, Art Johnston, is technically DFL, but he’s never been endorsed by the Club. In his eighth year on the Board, member Johnston has also never held an officer position. The DFL-endorsed members waltz in off the street and (whether they know anything or not,) take over all the Chair positions in the room as though it’s a birthright. Also, it was the five DFL-endorsed Board members who ganged up to toss Mr. Johnston over the side of the boat, proving once again that he isn’t part of the inner circle.

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